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American Heart Association Heart Walks!
If you want to participate any heart walks and want all your funds to be directed to the Legacy of Life Research Endowment funded by the American Heart Association, there have been many advances in treating congenital heart defects, but so much more research is still needed.  

If you complete fundraising on line via the American Heart Association, the funds will go to the General Fund and a small percentage will be designated to CHD research.  If you wish 100% of your donation to be placed directly into the Legacy of Life, please make sure all checks are made payable to the American Heart Association (check memo ~ Legacy Of Life).  You must mail all the checks directly to:

Legacy Of Life
American Heart Association
208 South LaSalle Street
Suite 900
Chicago, IL  60604

Taking Strides to Mend Broken Hearts
 Past events for the Legacy Of Life Endowment for Congenital Heart Defect Research.

Heart Cards from the Heart for the Heart

Our Heart Cards are an ongoing event with 50% of the proceeds benefiting the Legacy Of Life Endowment.  These cards are all hand made from the heart ... for the heart.  To learn more about these beautiful cards or to see the new Holiday Cards, please visit our Heart Cards page.

Past Events ....
The Legacy of Life Celebration, hosted by Dave and Melissa in memory of Madelynn in August 2002.

Pictured left to right Diane, Melissa, Angie, and Valerie with one of the CHD Quilts from the CHD Awareness Quilt Project).